Your Ultimate Discord Server Companion

Welcome to Astro Birb, the cutting-edge Discord bot designed to revolutionize server management. Our all-in-one solution caters to every aspect of managing your Discord community, offering an array of robust features meticulously crafted to streamline staff management and enhance user engagement.

Infraction Management

Effortlessly handle infractions, warnings, and disciplinary actions with precision and ease.


Automate and manage staff promotions seamlessly, recognizing contributions within your server.

Message Quotas Monitoring

Keep track of message activity and enforce quotas where needed for a balanced server environment.

Powerful set of features

Astro Birb simplifies the complexities of server administration with a suite of powerful tools.

Staff Feedback

Foster a constructive environment by facilitating transparent staff communication and feedback loops.


Streamline communication between server members and moderators, ensuring swift issue resolution.

Partnership Logging

Simplify partnership tracking and manage collaborations efficiently within your server ecosystem.

Staff Database

The Staff Database & Panel is a comprehensive tool for managing your server's staff team. It provides a centralized database for storing staff information and a user-friendly panel for efficient staff management.

Elevate Your Server Experience

Astro Birb empowers server administrators, moderators, and community owners by providing an intuitive platform that enhances functionality, engagement, and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation and user-centric design ensures a seamless experience for all server members.

Elevate Your Server Experience

Join the league of Discord administrators and moderators who have discovered the power of Astro Birb. Invite Astro Birb to your server today and witness the transformation in managing your Discord community.